About humate potassium?

What is humate potassium?

Humate potassium Premium humic is an efficient organic potassium fertilizer, soil conditioner and growth stimulator. It can be used alone or mixed with most fertilizers

Humate potassium has unique properties due to the fundamental role of humic acids in the biosphere of the planet. Application of humic acids can improve the ecological purity, nutritional and taste qualities of crops, reduce growth and ripening terms, provide defense harmful adverse weather and technological stresses, increase plant yields, restore soil fertility, increase productivity, improve health of birds, animals, humans.

Humate potassium is widely used in agriculture. The popularity of fertilizer is explained by its special properties, which fit the concept of organic farming while maximizing the effectiveness of crop production. In addition, it is worth noting the financial benefit: the use of humate potassium can significantly reduce the cost of expensive mineral fertilizers purchasing.

Production of humate potassium

The main raw material of humate potassium "Premium Humic" is high-quality leonardite, which contains valuable humic substances: mixture of high molecular organic substances that are formed during the decomposition process of plants and animal residues and further humification

The production line of our company allows us to produce organic humate potassium using natural properties of leonardite and high quality alkaline without adding other chemicals elements and catalyzers. Our technological line is based on phased extensive interaction of the ingredients and soft drying process at low temperatures. This way of hamate potassium production allows to produce truly organic product with a prolonged effect which is fundamentally different from similar products on the world market. /p>

How to use?

Humate potassium is used at all phased of plant growth in order to strengthen the root system, increase immunity and improve productivity

Humate potassium improves physical and chemical characteristics of soil, decrease level of accumulated heavy metals and pesticides in soil, restore fertility properties of soil.

Uniqueness of humate porassium

Ecologically clean product

100% organic contents

Safe for humans and environment

Certified according to EU standards

Advantages of using

Improves soil microflora, stimulates activity of soil microorganisms

Enhance nutrients uptake by plants

Reduces the amount of heavy metals
and pesticides accumulated in the soil

Stimulate growth process of plants

Strengthens immunity system of plants, protects plants from the negative effects of the environment

Stimulates seeds germination, promotes root system development

Accelerates the period of plants ripening,
increases yield up to 60%

Increases the shelf life of the crop

Organic humate potassium premium quality

This is the best investment in ECO future!

Results of using

Our fertilizer consists only of organic substances combination,

which makes it safe for humans and the environment.

Solubility in water

Characteristics of humate potassium “Premium humic”

External appearance
Mass fraction of moisture
pH of 1% aqueous solution, pH
The mass fraction of Humic and Fulvic acids in recalculation
on dry organic weight, % not less
Mass fraction of nitrogen (N) gr/kg
Mass fraction of phosphorus (P2O5) gr/kg
Mass fraction of potassium (K2O) gr/kg
Mass fraction of sulfur (SO3 ) gr/kg
Mass fraction of calcium (CaO) gr/kg
The rate for (TU U)26.8-23690792-002,
3M. №1, №2, №3
Powder or granules
from grey to black color
9 - 11
Installed by analysis

Humate potassium "Premium humic"

has high-quality composition and high product efficiency, which is confirmed by certificates and researches of independent laboratories

Certificates of quality

About company

DVINT LLC is a pioneer innovation company, producer of organic humates from leonardite

The production line of our company allows us to produce organic humate potassium using natural properties of leonardite and high quality alkaline without adding other chemicals elements and catalyzers

Quality control at all stages of production process provides our customers with high-quality humate potassium with unified characteristics